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Striderma Stretch Mark Kit
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The vehicles in both the lotion and creme deliver actives into the dermis with the ability to stimulate numerous beneficial functions for healthy normal skin. This two part system is a superior and effective product due to its ability to exfoliate the tissue, have fast entry deep into the skin and a rapid ability to stimulate fresh collagen.

  • To improve the appearance of stretch marks (striae distensae) by stimulating fresh collagen and fibril tissue while delivering significant amounts of Omega Fatty Acids into the tissue.
  • To correct discoloration caused by stretch marks.
  • To soften rough skin, smooth raised tissue and improve tone.
  • To improve moisture loss on the skin.
  • To help with further moistures loss from within the tissue.


  • Our 2-step process contains key ingredients that travel deep into the skin seeming to improve the appearance of scar tissue. Clinical studies confirm a significant increase in squamos cell turnover along with thicker, less fragmented elastin fibers. This may help to minimize the risk of forming new scars, as well. The exfoliation process also improves the normal color of the skin by bringing blood cells closer to the surface. These cells are also able to deliver particulates, which hold and deliver peptides into the tissue.
  • 100% absorption into the skin which lasts for days leaving the area smoother and softer.
  • Enhances production of collagen and fibril tissue.
  • Acclerates exfoliation to improve tone and texture.
  • Contians Emu Oil known to enhance the body's ability to heal.
  • Fortified with Vitamin E Oil USP, a medically proven antioxidant.
  • Deep penetrating.
  • Will work faster and better than the typical one (1) step products.
  • Highly effective moisturizing capabilities.
  • Both products are sheer, lightweight and hypo-allergenic.
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Greaseless


These products may be applied twice daily.

Lotion (Step 1):
Apply a thin, even layer to all affected areas. Do not rub. Allow to dry. If the product is not dry within one minute (you are using too much product), dab off excess with a tissue. Then apply the creme (Step 2).

Creme (Step 2):
Gently and evenly apply a small amount onto the skin.
Allow to dry for 2 minutes before applying clothing.
Striderma Exfoliating Lotion -  Lotion Step 1 23002 - 2 oz. - $35.00
Striderma Omega 3 Creme - Step 2
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Striderma Stretch Mark Exfoliating Lotion - Step 1
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Step 1:
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Striderma Creme Step 2
Step 2:
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