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M-Prove Your Skin
An extremely high-quality sunscreen designed to moisturize the skin and protect from moisture loss and over-exposure to UVA / UVB / UVC radiation. Outperforms high SPF sunscreens! Lasts 24 hours with one application. Must be washed off with soap and water. Fragrance-free, Parabens-free, waterproof, rub-proof and PABA-free. Superb, consistent and high protection levels across 100% of the spectrum range.

Sunscreen Update: Out of Stock Special Offer

We have worked very hard this year to keep back-orders to a minimum as supplies of raw materials have slowed and created longer lead times due to the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, our luck ran out this week as all sizes of Pro-Tect® SPF20 are completely out of stock. We apologize for a serious issue that just occurred. Our recent promotion on Pro-Tect® SPF20 Sunscreen set a company sales record for unit and volume sales. We ran out before the next batch could be started. Our next production batch will be in production the week of July 13. Our sunscreen takes 8 – 10 days to produce due to the technical Pro-Spectrum™ production matrix that makes it so good. It must then be analyzed by an independent FDA lab to confirm that the active ingredients are. In-fact, found in the product. This can take up to five to eight business days, depending on how backed up the lab might be, before we receive confirmation to begin the filling process. Tefore, in order to help you with delays and possible lost sales, we will be extending the following:

86406 - 1 oz. - $11.00 - Sale - $9.60

86401 - 4 oz. - $44.00- Sale - $35.20
86408 - 8 oz. - $70.00 - Sale - $56.00

86415 - 32 oz. - $225.00 - Sale - $180.00