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Products include a super serum, facial creme, body lotion, bruise creme and an ointment for cracked skin & fissures. The program utilizes highly purified Emu Oil, a natural ingredient that is loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 nutrients, which the skin craves. A-Cute Derm also uses pharmaceutical grade Vitamen E, a potent antioxidant that creates a synergy with the other ingredients. Emu Oil penetrates the epidermal layers to nourish dry, chafed, cracked, tired & irritated skin. Emu Oil appears to help with pain and acts as a bio-active transport to mediate other nutrients into the skin as well as accelerate the body's to heal.
A-Cute Derm:
Benecleanse Ultra Gentle Cleanser
Antioxidants/Moisturizers / Super Nutrients
A-Cute Derm:
Omega 3 6 Bruise Creme
A-Cute Derm:
Omega 3 6 Hand & Body Lotion
A-Cute Derm:
Reprev Lipid Creme
A-Cute Derm:
Reprev E2 Serum W/Emu Oil
A-Cute Derm:
Reprev Grape Seed Body Lotion
A-Cute Derm:
Reprev Grape Seed Serum
The best sunscreen under the sun! Complete protection for your acute condition.

  • Higher, more consistant level of protection for UVB & UVA radiation than zinc oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Parsol 1789 (Avobzone).
  • A-Cute Derm SPF 20 offers higher protection compared to sunscreens up to SPF 60.
  • Rub-Proof. One application actually lasts 24 hours.
  • Waterproof. You do not need to reapply.
  • Moisturizing, elegant lotion and works extremely well with make-up
  • Parabens-free. Fragrance-free
  • Developed for cancer patients.
Sunscreen & Strarter Kit
It is remarkable to think that 1,500,000 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Not only is cancer a life-threatening disease, but it also affects everything about us from family, to friends and to work. The majority of people think that they have no control over their lives when this occurs. And, yet, you do have some control.

One major facet that comes to the forefront is your appearance. People are always concerned about how they look and undergoing treatments for cancer is no walk-in-the-park. What are you going to look like? Will you lose your hair? Will the skin become cracked, parched and super-sensitive? Will the nails ever look great again?

In many instances, it is simply up to you to deal with it early-on. Of course there are problems that will occur but the amazing fact is that you can keep many of these from looking bad or creating long-term to permanent damage. If you deal with them immediately you may keep many issues from occurring and it will dramatically help speed the healing process, your recovery and certainly improve your appearance. 

A-Cute Derm is the first major company that created a line of skin care products specifically for individuals going through chemotherapy and/or radiation. A-Cute Derm's Reprev program gives you medicated antiseptic cleansers to eliminate infection, nutrients to calm, soothe and re-moisturize tissue, sunscreen to minimize the skin's sensitivity created by chemotherapy, and even products that help alleviate the effects of radiation burns. 

Why not think about a unique gift to a friend, family member, or co-worker to help them look better, feel great about themselves and keep them on the path of recovery?  
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REPREV Benecleanse Ultra Gentle Cleanser
A-Cute Derm:
Reprev Omega 3 6 PUR Serum
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A-Cute Derm:
Skincare Starter & Gift Set
Do you know anyone who has cancer?
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Reprev Hand & Body Lotion
Reprev E2 Lipid Creme
Grape Seed Body Lotion
M-Prove Your Skin
A-Cute Derm:
Pro-Tect SPF 20
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REPREV Starter/Gift Set
Reprev Bruise Creme
Reprev Grape Seed Serum