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Reprev Lipid Creme W/Emu Oil

Cancer Skin Care - REPREV - Nutrients & Moisturizers
3642- 2.50 oz. -$35.00
3644 - 4oz. -  $50.00
3640 - 16 oz. - $170.00
Skincare for use during cancer treatments.

  • To nourish dry, chafed skin.
  • To offer long-lasting and penetrating moisturizing capabilities.
  • To improve moisture-loss in the skin.
  • To protect the skin from further moisture loss.
  • Improves the skin's normal healing process.
  • Offers healing and soothing properties to work during your normal daily routine.
  • Works extremely well under makeup.
  • To eliminate pruritic conditions that may exist following a procedure.
  • Enhanced with purified Emu Oil, which has tremendous capabilities including the transport of bioactive compounds into the skin and the acceleration of skin healing properties.
  • Extremely mild on the skin.
  • Penetrates the epidermis.
  • Absorbed rapidly into the skin.
  • Highly effective moisturizing capability.
  • Skin remains moist 3-4 times longer than traditional moisturizers.
  • Leaves skin smooth and soft for days.
  • Sheer, lightweight body cream.
  • Grease-less.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Use day or night.
  • Can use with makeup.
  • Helps to heal the skin.
  • Appears to help with inflammation.
  • Great after shaving.
  • May be used around the eyes.
  • Post-op Microdermabrasion treatment.
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