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Pro C Antioxidant Gel Cleanser

Cleanser - All Skin Types
72444 - 4 oz. (flip top) - $21.00
72440 - 8 oz. (flip top) - $32.00
72445 - 32 oz. (pump)- $110.00
Pro C Antioxidant Cleanser is a light and refreshing botanical cleansing gel in a multi-fruit acid (AHAs) base. Enhanced with powerful free radical scavengers Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C, soothing Aloe Vera Kola Nut extract.

Use Pro C Antioxidant Cleanser:

  • To cleanse all skin types with a non-irritating wash
  • To soothe the skin while adding nutrients.
  • Gentle, refreshing, and natural ingredients
  • Contains multi-fruit acids to offer exfoliation without irritation
  • Effective free radical fighting antioxidants including Ascorbic Acid, Kola Nut, Aloe Vera Gel and Algae extracts that soothe the skin
  • Light foaming activity but powerful cleansing action

Use twice a day equals 2 months for the 4 oz. bottle. NOTE: Product color change may occur. This change does not have any affect on the quality or effectiveness of the product.
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72442 - 1 oz. (travel size) - $5.00
Grape Seed Serum
Grape Seed Serum
Super Antioxidant & Moisturizer
Rich in Omega 6 & Ho Leaf
Pro C Elite w/Ferulic +
Pro C Elite Antioxidant Serum w/Ferulic + Vitamins A & E
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