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Emunition E2 Serum

Nutrients - Emu Oil - Emunition - Omegas Accelerates Healing Process
72101 - 1 oz. - $42.00 (glass bottle)
72104 - 4 oz. - $105.00
72103 - 8 oz. - $180.00
72105 - 32 oz. - $450.00
Product Information:
Well-known for its therapeutic properties, emu oil has been used as a traditional skin remedy for thousands of years.  Scientific research has confirmed that emu oil has beneficial effects. Medical Director, Esta Kronberg M.D., helped pioneer emu oil to the medical community. Her first-hand experience saw consider benefits in medical patients with burns, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, and even scarring. Patient use clearly indicates anti-inflammatory benefits on laser treatments as well as reduced joint and muscle pain. Areas that have shown benefits more often than not are listed in the product information sheets.


A-Cute Derm takes care to source emu oil from U.S. emu herds, ensuring our products contain high-quality oil that's packed with massive amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  Unlike the industry which has a lower standard of what they call ‘pharmaceutical-grade emu oil, we take great pride in the quality feed that our birds are raised on. More importantly, the oil is processed without causing harm to the critical lipids that appear to create the magic of this magnificent lipid that has been prized by the Aborigines and considered a drug by the Australian equivalent of our own FDA. Each item that utilizes emu oil is made from the highest quality ingredients that are available while bacteriology confirms the pureness of the product. Our emu oil has a superb reputation for improving patient results.


  • Enhances the transport of bio-active compounds through the skin
  • Highly purified Emu oil (94%) and Vitamin E (4%)
  • Enhances the body’s ability to heal
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti bacterial.
  • *NOTE - Emu oil has a natural scent 
  • 99% (+/- 1%) Triglyceride = completely neutral lipid
  • Lab testing with induced arthritis bacteria showed minimal swelling and inflammation.  High levels of linolenic acid are known to ease joint pain.  High levels of oleic acid possess anti-inflammatory effect on dermal tissue.
  • 100% absorption into the skin that will last for days.
  • Emu oil lacks Phospholipids thereby allowing high penetrating properties and total reception into the skin.
  • Fortified with Vitamin E Oil (d-L Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) which is medically proven as an anti-oxidant.
  • Deep penetrating
  • Works on all skin types and many conditions.
  • Eye and ingestion sensitivity tested
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
Winter Skin Protection

Protect your skin from weather changes.......cold, dry air, heated interiors & outdoor activities. Highly Purified Emu Oil , pharmaceutical grade Vitamin E and other nutrients are combined to offer beneficial supplements to the skin. A-Cute Derm nutrient products are potent hydrators that prevent moisture loss and are long lasting and healing. Several are excellent for use on Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea.

Use Brite Eyes to improve dark circles and help lessen puffiness to the eye area.

E2 Lipid Creme is a light facial creme, great for use under make-up.

E2  Lipid Hand & Body Lotion is a great all over body moisturizer. To read more about these products & more, visit the A-Cute Derm section listed under Nutrients.

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E2 Lipid Creme
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E2 Serum - 1oz.
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A-Cute Derm is also the only medical-grade skin care manufacturer that produces 99.9% purified emu oil products. Emu Oil is a safe and highly effective lipid that appears to accelerate the body’s ability to heal faster and better’.
Brite Eyes
Brite Eyes
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