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Anti-Aging Boost TM

Anti-Aging Exfoliation Supplement - Moisturizer - Face
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Technologically advanced luxury moisturizer that minimizes wrinkles.

Rejuvenation Stem Cell Crème is a parabens-free, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle facial cream that stimulates skin cell regeneration and produces collagen at a faster rate.

Stem cells are becoming more prevalent in products today. Over the past twenty years medicine and science have made great strides in determining what they do and how they do it. During the past few years we have found three botanical stem cells that have a dramatic effect in the skin. These stem cells include grape seed, lilac, and Swiss apple. The key ingredient in our formulation is derived from rare Swiss Apples (Malus domestica), giving you a natural approach to improving your skin and its appearance.

Key features include:

  • Protects longevity of skin stem cells
  • Delays senescence of essential cells
  • Combats chronological aging

The advanced liposomal delivery system will enhance the vitality of your skin as significant and visible decreases in wrinkle depth will be apparent with continued use. Clinical studies have shown that after 2 weeks there is an 8% reduction in crow's feet; and 15% within 4 weeks. Swiss apple stem cells also up-regulate specific genes involved in repair of DNA.

ACD's Rejuvenation Stem Cell Crème also contains a combination of Hyalruonic Acid and Sodium PCA. This combination keeps the skin moist and supple. Squalane helps to lock in moisture, softens the skin and increases penetration of additional beneficial ingredients such as Hops, Lemon, Pinetree, Horsetail and Rosemary Extracts.

All of you that use our Glycolic Acid, Tri Complex Serums (Vitamins A, C & E) or Polypeptide Creme are now in for a treat. Each of you knows that results begin to occur within days by using any of these three items. You have even better results if you use two of them, one during the day and one at bedtime. We see a dramatic increase in exfoliation, which stimulates fresh collagen, fibril tissue, hyaluronic acid and 18 additional lipids (oils or fats) that are critical to healthy skin. We also see more even tone, texture and a reduction of skin discoloration. All of this result in more than a 315% increase in collagen deposition within ninety days. So how can it get any better than this? 

Now, you can have greater and even faster results by adding A-Cute Derm's Rejuvenating Facial Stem Cell Crème at bedtime as your moisturizer and you will see even more improvement along with healthier cells.
Product Information:
Three botanical stem cell key ingredients are:

Lilac Stems
Grape Seed & Stems
Swiss Apple
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