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Sunkiss After Burn Lotion

After Sun - Rich In Omega 3's
87008 - 8 oz. - $36.00
Ever have too much sun? Feel fried, chilled, possibly even feel a fever coming on? Even a little sun becomes damaging to our skin. Why not try A-Cute Derm's  Sunkiss™ After Burn Lotion.

A superb way to fight the ravaging effects of ultra violet radiation, this product helps restore the skin to a healthier state by minimizing the damage and feeding the skin with one of the three most potent  plant extracts on the planet.  A superior moisturizer with high antioxidant activity that penetrates the skin quickly. Appears to help skin tone and texture as it stimulates the performance and health of skin cells. It protects the levels of Vitamins A and C in the skin while Aloe Vera soothes the areas. Excellent on dry, chafed, or damaged skin by Ultra Violet radiation.
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